Meet our newest reps: Jess & Carter, founders of Live Your Masterpiece June 14, 2016 19:27

The story of Jessica Rocheleau and Carter Graves is a relatively new one. In 2013, they found themselves both working as beach lifeguards in Coronado. As with most beach lifeguards, their backgrounds consist largely of swimming – particularly at the collegiate level. Of course, there’s more to the story than that… 

Fitness and health are at the pinnacle of not only competing in a collegiate sport, but also at that of guarding the waters that lap against the white sandy beaches of Coronado. In keeping with the lifestyle, Jess and Carter started intensely training for national-level lifeguard competition. An everlasting-bond was forged between them as a result of their time spent together training, competing, and their shared desire to spread their love of advocating for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle with the next generation. 

Jess has been working with kids for years. She’s currently a coach for the Coronado-Navy Swim Association (CNSA). Both Carter and Jess are instructors for the Coronado Beach Junior Lifeguard and Surf Awareness Program. Carter has also spent time as a surf coach and instructor. 

Beyond the water, they have unique passions and interests. Jess has a BA in Kinesiology from Nova Southeastern University, and chose to pursue that degree for her love of the Natural Sciences in relation to nutrition and exercise. She is also a high-octane competitor in triathlons where she competes for the RIDE Triathlon Team. Carter has a degree in History from Rice University as she aspires to be a teacher in adaptive physical education. She is also a certified personal trainer through ACSM.  She hones her athletic abilities in the Pacific where she has competed at the international level in both paddling and lifeguard competition – and her list of accolades is truly incredible.


Live Your Masterpiece is the brainchild of Jess & Carter as they set out to share, instill, and inspire everyone to live their lives in a way that is truly more meaningful and healthier. 

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-Carter & Jess