Argan Oil from The Argan Project May 15, 2016 16:19

the argan project

We proudly purchase our argan oil from The Argan Project, a San Diego-based initiative that partners with female-owned and operated argan oil cooperatives in Morocco. Their argan oil is handmade by Moroccan Berber women and is sustainably produced to empower their communities and protect the argan tree. 

Argan oil production is exclusively a woman's domain and can take up to 20 hours just to produce one liter of oil. The growth of all-female argan cooperatives in Morocco has created jobs and opportunities for women and has contributed greatly to a family's prosperity. Women in argan cooperatives have shared that their income allows their daughters to attend school, pay their electricity, repair their homes, compensate for their husband's unemployment and provide healthcare for themselves and their children.

We feel good knowing we are helping empower women and are thankful for companies like this that value quality and sustainability as much as we do. Check out their website The Argan Project for more information including the benefits and uses for argan oil. If you like almond butter but have never had Amlou Butter, you should give theirs a try. It’s amazing and you won’t regret it!